Don Lemon’s speech is not just wrong, it’s racist, too.

CNN anchor Don Lemon declared that “the biggest terror threat in this country is white men,” adding that “there is no travel ban on them” in an exchange that has prompted rebuke from conservatives on social media, The Hill reports.

I cannot think of a more grossly racist thing that could be said on a mainstream network.

Imagine if I, a cis gendered, white male said that “black people are the biggest threat to this country”, and backed it up with the often cited stats about the disproportionate crime rates and single motherhood rates in said community.  The reaction would be almost immediate from the virtue signalling left. I’d be a demonstrative racist, bigot, and any other buzzword they could think of.  But here, since a gay, leftist black man (who happens to be married to a white man) spewed this nonsense, it’s universally accepted by the left.  Have they forgotten about the September 11th attacks so quickly?  The Orlando nightclub shootings?  Virginia Tech?  How about Chicago, with gangs and violence running rampant?

Herein lies the problem.  Our country is divided.  Statements like this will never, ever bring us together.  That should be the goal of the news and politicians, instead of sensationalism and rhetoric.  Yes, we all know CNN is hurting for viewership right now.  But outlandish and racist statements like this won’t win you any fans.  Especially going into the midterms when the “Blue Wave” is fizzling out.

Make no mistake.  Unsubstantiated nonsense like this will not bring us together.  It will further divide us.  But it seems that’s what the left is intent on.

They may get their wish.

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