No, Obama. This economy isn’t because of you.

What is happening to the economy since Donald J. Trump took office is not an “economic miracle”, as former President Barack Obama would call it.

It is a lesson in how conservative politics can work.

“When I walked into office 10 years ago, we were in the middle of the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes,” Obama said at a rally for Nevada Democrats. “By the time I left office, wages were rising, uninsurance rate was falling, poverty was falling, and that’s what I handed off to the next guy,” he said.   Conveniently, he forgets that the United States had a major downturn in the economy after 2009.  This, as many conservatives have pointed out, was due to a number of instances.  The disaster the is Obamacare, higher taxes and stifling of the middle class, government mandates, more regulation on businesses, and removing incentives for job creators all contributed the poor economy under Obama.

President Trump, on the other hand, went the opposite direction.  Mainly in part to the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”, we’ve seen more consumer confidence, record unemployment in the black and Latino communities, and more investment in the private sector.  America likes their “crumbs, Nancy Pelosi.  Thank you very much.

President Trump’s “America First” policy has also took a drastic turn from the policies of the former.  His big boasts of renegotiating NAFTA, bringing peace to the Korean peninsula, pulling out of the terrible Iran nuclear deal, and a claim of reaching a four percent GDP have all happened, despite what commentators and experts have said.  As an example, recently Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, decided to change course on opening up the German marked to American gas imports, loosening the grip Russia has on Europe’s energy sector.

Seemingly, the President is actually making America great again.

Promises made, promises kept.

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