Elizabeth Warren: The Fake Cherokee

In the 1990’s, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was hailed by Harvard Law School as the only Native American law school professors in the nation. She listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory. She signed a cookbook, where she listed an Indian recipe, as “Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee”. There’s only one problem with that.

She’s completely full of it.

As Rebecca Nagle wrote in her USA Today column, “there is nothing innocent about a white woman claiming her ancestors experienced genocide”. And she’s absolutely correct. Elizabeth Warren is a con artist. She’s a liar and a phony who was clearly trying to use a protected status and people for her own political and personal gain. She’s an insult to every true Native American and their tribe, and the fact that Democrats and the mainstream media are supporting her claims of “being part Cherokee” are absolutely disgusting.

Imagine if I (since I’m white) claimed to be a part African American, therefore could claim the suffering and culture of those people were my own. Imagine if I signed in books and directories that I was black. The hellstorm would never end. I would be ridiculed and exiled until my name was erased from modern society.

Elizabeth Warren’s should, too.

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