OPINION: Ted Cruz Must Keep His Seat

I’ll admit it. Watching the first Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz debate, there were times when I found myself saying, “Wow, I could kind of get behind this guy…”. Then it came.

Higher taxes.
Protecting illegal immigrants instead of the working class of Texas.
More government intervention and regulation of the free market and our personal lives.

That’s when I knew. Ted Cruz had to keep his seat. He HAD to. Even when the White House budget chief raises questions about his likability. Even though he swallowed his dislike for the current President of the United States and forced that familiar Cruz grin. Even though a growing number of young voters question his record of fewer restrictions on guns. Even after all of that, Ted Cruz must keep his seat.

Now hold on, before you start sending the hate mail. Recent news states that Beto has raised over 38 MILLION dollars over the course of his campaign. That’s no small feat. But estimates put it at roughly one-third of that money coming from out-of-state, from people who clearly do not have Texan’s interest at heart. Meanwhile, Cruz has already established a national fundraising piggy-bank, and receives large sums of money from out of state, as well. The point? There’s a lot of money coming into Texas that has no business being here.

So, let’s put money aside and focus on policies. Ted Cruz has been a major proponent of the recent Republican tax cut, stating that it will put money in American’s (that includes you) pockets, and expand the middle class, allowing them to invest more freely, hire more workers, etc. On the other side, O’Rourke has been a leading voice against the cuts, which came in at a total of $1.5 trillion, citing concerns that it will balloon the deficit and provided too many perks to corporations.

The candidates are also polar opposites on the gun debate, even though they both state they own guns and want to protect them. Cruz is a huge NRA proponent, and has voted against laws that would expand background checks or ban assault rifles, while Beto takes a hardline the other way, even calling for an all-out ban of “assault rifles” and a rejection of reciprocation of concealed carry licenses.

Most importantly, for me, anyhow, is the debate on illegal immigration. O’Rourke is a staunch supporter of citizenship for “Dreamers”, while Cruz has repeatedly refused to grant it. Cruz has been a leading voice in the charge to build the President’s proposed border wall, while Beto has repeatedly criticized the program as the government using its power to take lands away from farmers at the border, often saying our borders have never been more safe. Among the most heated of their topics, Cruz has repeatedly slammed O’Rourke for saying he would be in favor of abolishing ICE and opening up our southern border completely.

What does all this mean if you don’t live in Texas? Probably not much besides more political banter. But for those of us living it, it is THE major focus of the midterms. Texas needs a strong figure, whether you agree with their faith or not. We need continued and increased border security, more jobs for the working class of Texas, strong penalties for repeated unauthorized border crossings, and a voice that will work with our President to continue the success we’ve had since President Trump took office. We need a voice for fiscal responsiblity and “law and order” in Texas.


And even though you may not agree with or like him, we need Ted Cruz to keep his seat.


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